We are problems solvers. No matter what your goal is, if it can be achieved through technology, we can help.

The Sintari team will be your true partner and help you create successful products, whether they are new or starting a second life. We start with our promise: We listen. We ask questions. We find answers. We understand.

Once understanding is reached, we provide solutions, helping with consulting services for:

  • The UX Design of software products .
  • The development of software products.
  • End user research.
  • Shaping your product from idea stage to defining the product users want.
  • Managing, upgrading or changing existing applications.
  • Reviewing and auditing applications currently in development.

When we say we do custom software development, we mean it. We stand by our promise: We listen. We ask questions. We find answers. We understand. And after, and above all, we do. We create the solution that you need.

You may need:

  • To develop a new software solution from scratch.
  • Some extra experienced and trustworthy hands on deck to finish one currently in development; or just to speed the process up.
  • Support and maintenance for an existing application.
  • Upgrading or migrating a solution to a different environment.
  • Change a solution you have into something new
  • Something else – please tell us, we may have done this already; if not we really enjoy a challenge.

How we do it:

  • People first: full service software development requires a team with many skills: project manager, project lead, software architect, visual interaction designer, usability researcher, software developer, software tester. We are all qualified engineers, with tens of projects delivered together.
  • Good understanding of your business needs based on focused listening and observing, thorough research and deep thinking.
  • Rigorous procedures – your project will be executed using an iterative approach, drawn from agile methodologies such as Scrum and XP. We have extensive experience in running distributed agile projects. Our standard development methodologies include Code Review, Incident Life Cycle, Continuous Integration, Automated Unit Testing and more. During customer induction an in depth presentation will be given to all our clients and prospective clients.
  • Knowledge – Mobile, Web and Desktop development, .NET and related technologies, Cloud computing, Enterprise applications
  • Creativity and passion.

You know that your software product needs to be loved by your users. The users have to have the best possible experience whether they are playing with their new mobile app, checking out your website or working with a software solution designed to make their life easier at the office or at home. And you need to give them just that.

Our UX Design engineers will ensure that when using your product, people will understand what they need to do easily, without the need for extensive training or extra-long tutorials. Your product will help them achieve what is designed for quickly and with little effort, even beautifully.

We have the people, with their knowledge and creativity, and the process to achieve this objective.

The people are technical UX designers with engineering background, having worked on projects as diverse as electronic payments terminals, workflow apps for very busy hospitals, BI tools and many more.

The process starts with research to answer those essential questions: What will differentiate you? Why will the User care? Can they use it? Access and experience the value? The research always involves the end users, and their involvement will continue for the duration of the development, which will ensure the product’s success. UX designers, architects and developers collaborate from start to finish for the duration of the project, to ensure all designs are technically feasible, and all implementation is oriented towards creating the best user experience. When necessary, we take an even more agile approach and perform user research and UX design within each iteration.

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