Our Story

It’s all about the team and our passion for innovative software product creation, but most of all about our projects. The core team has started working together around one project in 2010 and never stopped. Today, we are proud to be Sintari, a full service software development consultancy, headquartered in beautiful Timisoara, with global reach.

We are all engineers (yes, even the designers), we make things work and our focus is unwavering: the end result, the software products people will love to use.

Our edge comes from our tried and tested scientific approach to researching and understanding how users interact with technology. We listen. We ask questions. We find answers. We understand. It is what makes us unique and enables us to be a true partner to our clients:

  • Our expert usability engineers can get involved from the moment an idea appears to help shape the products users want.
  • All research involves the end users, and their continuous contribution leads to creating the perfect solution to their needs. As a result, our clients will get the successful product they imagined.
  • Design and UX engineers create easy to use interfaces, leading to a high adoption rate.
  • The software architects, developers and testers are not scared of anything: they’ve already gone through 1.0 releases, developing software for new platforms, using beta technologies and more and are waiting for the next challenge. They can even seamlessly step into a software development cycle at any point with on-demand engineering capabilities to immediately accelerate productivity.
  • Our project managers ensure that we excel at complex, time-sensitive projects and software products that are the first of their kind. This in turn gives our clients the advantage of being first to market pioneers.

We understand technology changes fast and the future looks like an uncharted territory. We are unique because, to paraphrase Robert Frost, we take the road less traveled by, albeit with tried and tested procedures, and that is making all the difference.

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